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Abass Alavi


One of the most cited researchers with a production of 1,300 articles, a similar number of published abstracts and close to 61,000 citations according to Google Scholar, University of Pennsylvania Professor Abass Alavi is one of the early pioneers of molecular imaging, especially with regards to FDG-PET tracer development. Born in Tabriz, Iran, he has won numerous awards in his long illustrious career, including the Society of Nuclear Medicine’s de Hevesy Award, Benedict Cassen Prize, and the 2017 Gold Medal winner of the American College of Nuclear Medicine. His philanthropic contributions to the field are also exemplary.

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Azam Niroomand-Rad


Azam Niroomand-Rad is the recipient of the Marie Skodowski-Curie Award for a distinguished career contributing to the advancement of international medical physics through research, teaching and leadership. Born in Tehran, she served as the president and vice-president of the International Organization of Medical Physics (IOMP) for 6 years, and has been awarded honorary doctorates and AAPM’s Lifetime Achievement Award. She was also one of the original founders of AIPM.

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