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1. The Association shall hold a Regular Annual General Meeting (AGM), once a year at a date to be decided by Council.
2. All other General Meetings shall be considered as Extra-ordinary General Meetings (EGMs) and shall be convened at the discretion of Council or following a written signed request giving the reasons for the meeting by 1/3 of the corporate Members in good standing.
3. All EGMs shall be convened at a date set by Council. EGMs called by Members and shall be convened not later than 15 days from any written request satisfying 11.2 above.
4. The Secretary-general shall circulate to all members the agenda and any background documents for all meetings.
5. All corporate Members, in good standing, have the right to vote in any of the meetings.
6. Any corporate Member who wishes to have an item discussed during the AGM should submit this in writing, together with a brief background. Note to the Secretary-general 15 days before the date set for the AGM.
7. At the AGM, the President presents the yearly report of the Association, the proposed Budget, activities and policy for the forthcoming year. The treasurer presents the accounts and financial standing of the Association. The Secretary-general records the minutes.
8. The AGM or EGM set the general guidelines and policy, which the Council should follow.
9. Any meeting will have a quorum if half plus one of the Members in good standing are present. In the case where a quorum is not secured then the meeting will be considered as having secured its quorum by any number present after 30 minutes from the original starting time set.
10. All decisions at meetings are carried by a simple majority vote of the Members present.
11. The President chairs all meetings. In the absence of the President, the President-elect takes the chair. In the case that the President-elect is unavailable, the secretary-general shall chair the meeting.
12. In the case of voting for new Council Members, a Ballot Committee of three persons, who are not candidates, constituted as Chairman, Secretary, and Member, are appointed by the meeting to carry out the elections, by a secret ballot.
13. Ballot papers, approved by Council, are prepared by the Secretary-general and made available to the Ballot Committee.

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